Wing Commander Geoffrey Trevor Wynne-Powell DFC

pop 5 (2)Name :                        Wing Commander Geoffrey Trevor Wynne Powell DFC

Service Number :        90195 AAF

Awards :                      D.F.C     15th February 1944

Citation :


Citation of the DFC awarded to Wing Commander Wynne-Powell dated 11th February 1944.


Pilot Officer                                   19.06.1936

Flying Officer                                10.01.1937

Flight Lieutenant

Squadron Leader                          01.12.1941

Acting Wing Commander              01.07.1943



Date Aircraft  Serial Target Times Notes
14.01.1943 Wellington Mk.III BK367 EX-U Artitchokes(M) 1715hrs-2330hrs Duty Carried Out
29.01.1943 Wellington Mk.III Z1748 EX-F Lorient 1640hrs-2300hrs Duty Carried Out.
19.02.1943 Wellington Mk.III BK541EX-N Wilhemshaven 1745hrs-2325hrs Duty Carried Out
01.03.1943 Wellington Mk.III BJ911 EX-N Artitchokes(M) 1825hrs-0055hrs Duty Carried Out
09.03.1943 Wellington Mk.III ?? Mining 1845hrs-0125hrs Duty Carried Out
10.04.1943 Wellington Mk.X HZ359 EX-O Frankfurt 2310hrs-0630hrs Duty Carried Out
16.04.1943 Wellington Mk.X HZ359 EX-O Ludwigshafen 2115hrs-0420hrs Duty Carried Out
26.04.1943 Wellington Mk.X HZ259 EX-U Duisburg 0030hrs-0535hrs Duty Carried Out. Hit   by flak.
23.05.1943 Wellington Mk.X HF448 EX-U Dortmund 2300hrs-0400hrs Duty Carried Out
27.05.1943 Wellington Mk.X HE741 EX-N Essen 2300hrs-0340hrs Hit by flak, target not bombed.
11.06.1943 Wellington Mk.X HE345 EX-U Dusseldorf 2305hrs-0355hrs Duty Carried Out

The operation flown on January 29th the crew were accompanied by Group Captain Garland.

The following is a list of operations undertaken with No.199 Squadron with No.3 Group RAF Bomber Command.(“B” Flight Commander)

Date Aircraft  Serial Target Times Notes
01.08.1943 Stirling Mk.III EE910 EX-Q Deodors(M) 2130hrs-0440hrs Duty Carried Out
16.08.1943 Stirling Mk.III EE941 EX-U Turin 2200hrs-0415hrs Duty Carried Out
23.08.1943 Stirling Mk.III EE941 EX-U BERLIN 2040hrs-0405hrs Duty Carried Out
30.08.1943 Stirling Mk.III EE941 EX-U Munchen Gladbach 0030hrs-0450hrs Duty Carried Out

The following is a list of operations flown with No.623 Squadron.

Date Aircraft  Serial Target Times Notes
03.10.1943 Stirling Mk.III BF568 IC-B Kassel 1900hrs-0035hrs Duty Carried Out

Note : Squadron Leader John Overton DFC “A” Flight commander of No.623 Squadron remembers Wing Commander Wynne-Powell or specifically the Wing Commanders red silk lined officers tunic. It was the talk of the squadron. John Overton’s opinion of the new wing commander was that he was rather flamboyant commander but very experienced and approachable.

No.90 Squadron R.A.F Tuddenham

There were no operational sorties undertaken with No.90 Squadron during the brief tenure Wing Commander Wynne-Powell was attached to the squadron.

The following is a list of operations flown with No.620 Squadron, No.38 Group.

Date Aircraft  Serial Target Times Notes
21.01.1945 Stirling Mk.IV LK123 Arsbeck 2345hrs-0430hrs Duty Carried Out
20.02.1945 Stirling Mk.IV LK123 Norway 2020hrs-0540hrs Duty Carried Out
24.03.1945 Stirling Mk.IV LK123 Rhine 0705hrs-1235hrs Duty Carried Out
12.04.1945 Stirling Mk.IV LK123 Denmark 2110hrs-0130hrs Duty Carried Out

Notes : Born in Toronto Canada, March 22nd 1915. He entered the RAF in 1935. Awarded Air Efficiency Award 1942. Survived war. Station Commander Kaula Lumpa 1951 and Cottesmore 1954. Retired from the RAF March 4th 1958.