Wing Commander Frederick Moir Milligan AFC

Name                          : Wing Commander Frederick Moir Milligan AFC

Service Number          : 37435 RAF

Awards                        : A.F.C

Citation :

 As Officer Commanding his squadron, this officer through his keenness, efficiency and extreme devotion to duty whilst flying has been an inspiration to the flying instructors in his squadron. Through his marked enthusiasm and outstanding flying ability his unit has attained a high standard of efficiency which has contributed largely to the output of qualified pilots.
Public Record Office Air 2/4859 has the original recommendation drafted 3 November 1941 by the Chief Instructor of No.32 SFTS, noting that Milligan was Officer Commanding, No.2 Squadron, and reading as follows: Known Postings

This officer’s keenness and efficiency have been an inspiration to all who have come in contact with him. Through his outstanding example, the efficiency of the squadron under his command has reached a very high standard.
The same day, the Group Captain commanding Moose Jaw wrote: I agree. He has shown great devotion to duty and has been an inspiration to all ranks. On 29 November 1941, A/V/M A.T. Cowley wrote, “I concur”. The next comment was by Air Marshal Lloyd Breadner (Chief of the Air Staff) on 11 March 1942: This officer’s extreme devotion to flying duty has largely contributed to the output of qualified pilots. His keenness and efficiency have been an example to other instructors and to trainees which has resulted in his squadron reaching a very high standard. I strongly recommend him for the Air Force Cross.


Acting Pilot Officer:                           06.11.1935

Pilot Officer :                                       06.11.1936

Flying Officer :                                     06.05.1938

Flight Lieutenant (W) :                       06.05.1940

Acting Squadron Leader:                   01.09.1940

Squadron Leader:                               20.11.1942

Wing Commander (Temp):               01.07.1943

Wing Commander:                             01.07.1947

Group Captain:                                    01.01.1954

Air Commodore :                                 01.07.1959

 Known Postings

Initial Officer Training:                       06.11.1935

No.4 F.T.S:                                           23.11.1935

No.216 Squadron:                               14.08.1936

PA AOC-in-C RAF Middle East            01.12.1938

No.32 SFTS Moose Jaw Canada:       Not found

No.1651 Con Unit:                               November 1943

No.623 Squadron:                               29.11.1943 (Command)

No.31 Base:                                          Not found

No.90 Squadron:                                 01.01.1944 (Command)

HQ No.3 Group:                                  15.06.1944

List of Operations flown by Wing Commander Milligan AFC with No.90(B) Squadron January – March 1944

Date Aircraft  Serial Target Times Notes
14.01.1944 Stirling Mk.III EE974 WP-P V1 Target 1737hrs-2053hrs Duty Carried Out  2nd Pilot
25.01.1944 Stirling Mk.III EE441 WP-N V1 Target 0032hrs-0424hrs Duty Carried Out.
27.01.1944 Stirling Mk.III EE896 WP-G N Frisian (M) 1704hrs-2203hrs Duty Carried Out
15.02.1944 Stirling Mk.III EF143 WP-J Kiel Bay (M) 1719hrs-2310hrs Duty Carried Out
20.02.1944 Stirling Mk.III LJ483 WP-V N Frisian (M) 1756hrs-2216hrs Duty Carried Out
15.03.1944 Stirling Mk.III EH947 WP-S Amiens 1858hrs-2255hrs Duty Carried Out


While training with No.1651 Con Unit Wing Commander Milligan was involved in an incident which resulted in Short Stirling Mk.I N3708 (a former 218 Squadron aircraft) being damaged. On return from a training flight on November 22nd 1943 W/Cdr Milligan made a rather heavy landing resulting in the buckling to the port main plane and breaking the struts between the main spare of the veteran Stirling . There were no injuries to the crew, the aircraft was declared CAT A/C.


Milligan 1

This photo is believed to show Wing Commander Milligan receiving the AFC while in Canada in 1941.

If you can help with any additional information on this officer I will be most grateful if you could contact me. Thank you.