Short Stirling EF489

Short Stirling Mk.III EF489 IC-F


Short Stirling Mk.III EF489

List of operations undertaken by EF489 with No.623 Squadron.

Date Target Op Times Pilot
24.08.1943 Nectarines I Mining 2103hrs-2351hrs Sergeant Tanner
27.08.1943 Nuremburg Area 2148hrs-0110hrs Squadron Leader  Austin
30.08.1943 Gladbach Area 0028hrs-0402hrs Squadron Leader Austin
24.09.1943 Nectarines I Mining 1915hrs-2250hrs Pilot Officer Muir
25.09.1943 Nectarines I Mining 1900hrs-2215hrs Sergeant Ralph
03.10.1943 Nectarines I Mining 1935hrs-2343hrs Pilot Officer Petch
04.10.1943 Deodors Mining 1825hrs-0010hrs Pilot Officer Ralph
08.10.1943 Bremen Area 2310hrs-0355hrs Pilot Officer Ralph
22.10.1943 Nectarines Mining 1810hrs-2340hrs Pilot Officer Ralph
24.10.1943 Nectarines Mining 1755hrs-2135hrs Pilot Officer Ralph
18.11.1943 Mannheim Area 1710hrs-1950hrs Pilot Officer Ralph