Short Stirling BF568

Short Stirling Mk.III BF568 IC-B


Short Stirling BF568


Flying officer Nesbitt DFC - Copy

Flying Officer Nesbitt and crew in front of their regular aircraft BF568 IC-B “Beer”

List of operations undertaken by BF568 with No.623 Squadron.

Date Target Op Times Pilot
10.08.1943 Nuremburg Area 2210hrs-0505hrs Sergeant Nesbitt
12.08.1943 Turin Area 2125hrs-0555hrs Flying Officer   Overton
23.08.1943 BERLIN Area 2045hrs-0430hrs Flight Sergeant Nesbitt
27.08.1943 Nuremburg Area 2139hrs-0403hrs Flight Sergeant   Nesbitt
30.08.1943 Gladbach Area 0025hrs-0358hrs Flight Sergeant   Nesbitt
31.08.1943 BERLIN Area 2031hrs-0007hrs Flight Sergeant   Nesbitt
15.09.1943 Montlucon Area 2047hrs-0227hrs Pilot Officer Nesbitt
16.09.1943 Modane Area 2000hrs-0330hrs Pilot Officer Nesbitt
03.10.1943 Kassel Area 1900hrs-0035hrs Wing Commander Wynne   Powell
04.10.1943 Frankfurt Area 1845hrs-0040hrs Pilot Officer Nesbitt
07.10.1943 Silverthorne 10 Mining 2025hrs-0255hrs Pilot Officer Nesbitt
25.10.1943 Silverthorne 10 Mining 1632hrs-2300hrs Flight Lieutenant   Nesbitt
07.11.1943 Furze Mining 2300hrs-0735hrs Flight Sergeant   Whitting
18.11.1943 Mannheim  Area 1705hrs-2055hrs Flight Lieutenant   Nesbitt