Squadron Leader J Overton RAFVR

The following pages are taken from the log book of Squadron Leader John Overton DFC. John was  “A” Flight Commander on both No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron and No.623 Squadron. I never had the privilege of corresponding with John Overton, due to a combination of ill health and a reluctance to talk about his RAF career.

An off-guard moment with the crew query before Berlin 23-8-43 001 - Copy

Squadron Leader Overton & crew on return from Berlin November 22nd 1943

The following pages were sent by his son in 2012.

Overton 1

Page 1. News paper cutting of the encounter over Berlin.

Overton 2

Page 2

Overton 3

Page 3

Overton 4

Page 4

Overton 5

Page 5

Overton 6

Page 6