Flying Officer N.R.S Humphreys RNZAF M-in-D and Crew

Date of Operation Sunday 5th September 1943
Target Mannheim
Code Name (Ref) Catfish “A”
Master Bomber Call Sign
Take off-time 19.48hrs
Base RAF Downham Market, Norfolk
Time of Loss 00.45hrs (German Time)
Cause of Loss Nighfighter : Lt Hans-Heinz Augenstein 7/.NJG.1 (10th kill).
Aircraft Crashed Schonborn kr Zimmern (Gr)
Escape & Evasion Report
Crew reported Cause of Loss
Loss Card Details Robinson : Pilot believed to have crashed in a/c.Robinson : Navigator believed to have been wounded, definitely bailed-out.
Additional Information Via ; Hans Gunther Ploes (German Historian)EH878 crashed into a field close to a small wood at Latschberg near Schonborn. HGP questioned the local mayor about the crash. The mayor was 5 at the time and could remember four holes were the engines had impacted. He also reported that the aircraft was flying very low and that it somersaulted and disintegrated when hitting the ground. One crew member (Sgt Bull TBC) was found with an unopened parachute. The airman’s body was found next day impaled in trees in a nearby valley called “Kauerbachtal”. Of the five dead crew, only six body parts were recovered. Sergeant ROBINSON was rumoured to have been captured at a nearby railway station at Kirchberh-Simmern.
Zero Hour over Target 23.45hrs
Scheduled To Attack Zero hour + 13 to Zero hour + 20
Wave Third
Bombing Height 10,000ft to 17,000ft
Bomb Load 80  x 30lb IB + 810 x 4lb IB
Bombing Method if Known Newhaven Ground Markers
Route Ref Loss Card
Special Equipment Gee



Pilot Flying Officer Noel Robert Shakespeare HUMPHREYS MiD414630 RNZAF

Age 20 of Wellington City New Zealand

Son of Richard and Helen Humphreys

Rheinberg War Cemetery

Coll Grave 18.F. 6-10

Dad & Noel Glasgow station

Noel Humphreys left stands beside his fighter pilot brother James at Glasgow Station. This wonderful photograph was sent by Noel’s niece, Penny Humphreys.


Navigator Sergeant Edward George BULL1391064 RAFVR

Age 19, of Holloway, London

Son of Edward and Elizabeth Bull

Rheinberg War Cemetery

Grave 18.F.5

Wireless Operator Sergeant Hedley Robert DELAHAY1313004 RAFVR

Age 22 of Blaenavon, Monmouthshire

Son of William and Ethel Delahay

Rheinberg War Cemetery

Coll Grave 18.F. 6-10

Flight Engineer Sergeant George INNS1074776 RAFVR

Age 22 of Prescot, Lancashire

Son of George and Lily Inns

Rheinberg War Cemetery

Coll Grave 18.F. 6-10

Mid Upper Gunner Sergeant George Green READ1304578 RAFVR

Age 33 of West Bridgford, Nottingham

Son of George and Mabel Read

Rheinberg War Cemetery

Coll Grave 18.F. 6-10

Rear Air Gunner Pilot Officer Frederick Ernest SOMERS155189 RAFVR

Rheinberg War Cemetery

Coll Grave 18.F. 6-10

Bomb Aimer

Sergeant Donald Walton  ROBINSON 1320192 RAFVR

Prisoner of War Number : 27739

Prisoner of War Camp(s) Stalag 344 Lamsdorf


The sole survivor
Sergeant Donald Walter Robinson

Lt. Augenstein

The Victor
Karl-Heinz Augenstein
Via Dr Theo Boiten

Bomber Command Night Raid Report

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