Flight Sergeant Windle RAFVR (Flight Engineer)

John Windle was the former flight engineer of Australian skipper John Wallace RAAF. I was first in contact with John Windle in 1990, sadly at the time John was rather ill but very kindly sent me copies of his log book and a number of photographs.

John Windle

Sergeant John Windle RAFVR

Below are copies of pages taken from the flying log book of Flight Sergeant J Windle RAFVR.
The pages were sent to me by John in 1991.

Windle 1

The arrival of the crew to No.218 Squadron and the transfer to No.623 Squadron.

Windle 2

On Op’s. Note the entry for the raid on Munchen Gladbach, attacked twice by JU88

Windle 3

The following page records yet more night fighter encounters. A Ju88 against Boulogne and a FW190 against Mannheim.

Windle 4

The final page from Sergeant John Windle’s Log Book ” MISSING”