Flight Sergeant Keith Fred Shaw RNZAF


Pilot Officer Keith Shaw RNZAF

Crew                            : Flight Sergeant Keith Fred Shaw RNZAF

Service Number          : 415815

Awards                        :

Awarded                      :

Citation                       :


Sergeant                      : 24th April 1942

Flight Sergeant            : 1st May 1943

Pilot Officer                : 7th August 1943

Known Postings

I.T.W Levin

No.1 Elementary Flying Training School

No.26 Operational Training Unit

No.11 (Pilot) Advanced Flying Unit

No.1524 Blind Approach Training Unit

No.2 Flying Instructors School

No.11 Operational Training Unit

No.1651 Conversion Unit

No.218 (Gold Coast) Squadron                                   : June 19th 1943

No.623 Squadron                                                        : August 10th 1943


22.06.1943 PilotMining


BF568  HA-B

Duty Carried Out. (Five mines   dropped from 1,200ft)


23.06.1943 Pilot



EH892 HA-V

Duty Carried Out ( three mines dropped   from 2,500ft)


29.06.1943 1st Pilot Sergeant R Taylor

2nd Pilot


BK761 HA-O

Bombed on Red TI Markers.   Results of bombing not seen. Bomb Load:   990 x 4lb I.B +  96 x 4lb I.B

03.07.1943 Pilot


BK803 HA-D

Bombed on   Red and Green TI Markers from 14,500ft. One large flash and explosion in   target area when running in on aiming point. Bomb Load: 810 x 4lb I.B +  90 x 30lb I.B

24.07.1943 Pilot

Hamburg (Operation  Gomorrah)

BK803 HA-D

Aiming   point observed by  Green TI and river   and docks, bombed from 15,500ft. Good fires many searchlights north of aiming   point. Bomb Load : 1 x 2000ln + 450 x 4lb I.B + 48 x 30lb I.B

25.07.1943 Pilot


BK803 HA-D

Attacked   from 17,400ft on Red TI Markers.  Bomb   Load : 1 x 2000lb + 1 x 500lb + 630 x 4lb I.B + 56 x 30lb I.B

27.07.1943 Pilot

Hamburg (Operation Gomorrah)

BK803 HA-D

Bombed from   17,000ft on Green TI Markers.  Looked   like being a good prang. Bomb Load : 630 x 4lb I.B + 90 x 4lb I.B + 80 x 30lb   I.B

29.07.1943 Pilot

Hamburg (Operation Gomorrah)

BK803 HA-D

Bombed from   16,000ft on Yellow and Green TI Markers, Markers seen. Bomb Load: 720 x 4lb   I.B + 80 x 30lb I.B

30.07.1943 Pilot


BK803 HA-D

Bombed from   16,500ft on Red and Green TI Markers. Many fires on TI Markers. Bomb load:   810 x 4lb I.B +  96 x 30lb I.B

02.08.1943 Pilot

Hamburg (Operation Gomorrah)

BK803  HA-D

Hamburg bombed from 9000ft on   Green markers, scattered fires seen.    Bomb Load: 720 x 4lb I.B +  80 x   30lb I.B


Operations Flown with No.623   Squadron


10.08.1943 Pilot

Flight Sergeant F Shaw RNZAF



Attacked Nuremburg from 17,500ft on Green TI Marker. A lake was seen &  large buildings SW of area was seen to be on fire. Bomb Load : 450 x 4lb IB +   40 x 30lb IB. 

12.08.1943 Pilot

Turin (Italy)

BK803 IC-D

Bombed from   17000ft on Red & Yellow TI Markers. Bomb Load : 450 x 4lb IB + 56 x 30lb   IB,(8 x 30lb hung-up). 

16.08.1943 Pilot

Turin (Italy)

BK803 IC-D

Weather   hazy. No encounter. One combat seen at 2343hrs, enemy fighter destroyed by   Stirling. Flak poor, searchlights wavering. Bomb Load 360 x 4lb. Diverted to   Ford.

23.08.2943 Pilot


BK803 IC-D

Attacked   target 17,500ft. Bombed Green TI Markers. Fires well concentrated round TI   Markers. Good visibility. Hazy. Bomb Load 56 x 30lb IB + 450 x 4lb IB.

05.09.1943 Pilot

Flight Sergeant F Shaw RNZAF


BK472 IC-D ( ORB incorrectly records both serial or code)

Cloud broke   just before the target and B/A was able to identify a canal. The markers were   bombed. Flak was described as light and searchlights grouped around target   worked in twos and threes and made no attempts to cone. Fighters were   numerous. Crew predicted a very good prang. Bomb height 16,000ft. Bomb Load   810 x 4lb IB + 80 x 30lb IB.

08.09.1943 Pilot


BK803 IC-D

Bombed from   15,500ft, haze prevented identification of ground detail although Red  TI Markers were seen and bombed. Flak   reported as slight to moderate. Searchlights totally around 12 in all and   were not effective. No night fighters were    seen. Bomb Load 6 x 1000lb + 8 x 500lb   

15.09.1943 Pilot

Montlucon Dunlop Works (Fr)

BK803 IC-D

Bombed from   6000ft. Target was obscured by smoke but bombs were dropped between two lots   of TI Markers about 3 miles apart. One very large fire was seen with smoke   ascending to 10,000ft. Smoke smelt strongly of ammonia and caused aircraft to   get out of control. Bomb load 1080 x 4lb IB + 88 x 30lb IB 

16.09.1943 Pilot

Modane  Railway Yard (Fr)

BK803 IC-D

Bombed   target from 15,500ft on Green TI Markers. Visibility over the target was   good. 48 x4lb IB + 54 x 30lb IB

22.09.1943 Pilot Officer  F Shaw   RNZAF

2ndPilot Flight Sergeant K.G Whitting


BK803 IC-D

Pilot   Officer Shaw’s aircraft attacked target area from a height of 16,500ft.   Visibility over the target area was good and a built up area was seen. Bombs   were dropped on TI Markers. Fires were concentrated and increasing. Bomb 1080   x 4lb IB + 64 x 30lb IB 

23.09.1943 Pilot

2nd Pilot Sergeant W.J Ralph


BK803 IC-D

Three   aircraft were detailed for operations tonight. The target was Mannheim. Pilot   Officer Shaw reports that he approached the target area, the river Rhine   could be clearly seen. Arriving over the target at 2200hrs he bombed from a   height of 14000ft. Good fires and lots of smoke observed over the target.   Bomb Load 450 x 4lb IB  + 48 x 30lb IB

27.09.1943 Pilot


BK803 IC-D

Arriving   over the target area at 2214hrs, this aircraft bombed  from a height of 17000ft on Green TI   Markers. Good red fires were seen, some more rather scattered in northern   part of town. The aircraft overshot the Steinheide Meer, probably mislead by   spoof fires. Bomb Load 980 x 4lb IB +    88 x 30lb IB

02.10.1943 Pilot

Mining ( Silverthorne)

BK803 IC-D

Aircraft   arrived over the target at 20.56hrs and planted mines in the Garden from a   height of 6000ft. The visibility over the garden was very good. The captain   reports no untoward incidents during the trip but sums up the operations as “   A piece of cake” Bomb load 3 x mines.  

03.10.1943 Pilot


EF158 IC-S

1847hrs FTR


Short Stirling EF158 IC-S was intercepted and shot down at 22.37hrs by Lt Hans-Heinz Augenstein of 7./NJG1 over Windhausen, 7 kms E of the target. It was Lt Augensteins’s 16th victory.  Twenty three year Pilot Officer Keith Shaw was killed in the encounter, he is remembered on the panels of the Runnymede Memorial.

Flight Sergeant Carr RCAF was involved in a flying accident while training with No.30 Operational Training Unit, RAF Hixon, Staffordshire on August 2nd 1943. Airborne in Wellington Mk.X Serial HE917 the aircraft suffered loss of hydraulics. On landing the aircraft swung off the runway and swerved across a railway line and burst into flames. There was no fatalities but all on board were injured.

Notes #2

Set sail from New Zealand aboard the “Waiwera” on May 29th 1942. Vessel was torpedoed in the Atlantic by U-754, rescued by Norwegian vessel Oregon Express on June 29th 1942 at 04.10hrs