The following is a list of the crews who served with No.623 Squadron between August and December 1943. I have recorded the operations flown with No.623 Squadron and where known details on their subsequent operations and fate on the disbandment of the squadron. The ranks given are those which the crew joined the squadron.

Further details for each crew can be found by clicking on the relevant link; information will open in a new window

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who can supply any information or a photograph of the following crews.  

1. Squadron Leader Frederick John AUSTIN RAFO

2. Flight Lieutenant John OVERTON RAFVR

3. Flying Officer Noel Robert Shakespeare HUMPHREYS RNZAF

4. Pilot Officer Griffith Llewellyn JENKINS RAFVR

5. Sergeant Michael William NESBITT RAFVR

6. Pilot Officer Keith Fred SHAW RNZAF

7. Flight Sergeant John Phillip WALLACE RAAF

8. Flight Sergeant Kenneth George WHITTING RAAF

9. Flight Sergeant Oliver James TANNER RAAF

10. Flying Officer James Ian WISEMAN RAFVR

11. Flight Sergeant Thomas Noel Haywood FOGATY RAFVR

12. Sergeant William John RALPH RAFVR

13. Flying Officer Charles Raymond BENNETT RAAF

14. Flight Sergeant Arthur  Frederick HOOKWAY RAAF

15. Flight Sergeant Reginald Vivian LOVE RNZAF

16. Flight Lieutenant David SMITH RAFVR DFM

17. Pilot Officer Thomas James MUIR RCAF

18. Pilot Officer James Clement HORNBY RAFVR

19. Sergeant Leonard Myles McCANN RCAF (Update 29th April 2014)

20. Sergeant Angus Hector  MacGILLIVRAY RCAF

21. Flying Officer Douglas Hartley PETCH RCAF

22. Sergeant Clarence Milton CARR RCAF

23. Flight Sergeant Noel ELLIOT RAAF

24. Sergeant William John Barrie  BISHOP RAFVR

25. Sergeant Arnold MORRIS RAFVR

26. Sergeant James Menzies ROGER RAFVR

27. Sergeant  James William RALPH RAFVR

28. Flight Sergeant “Dick” TREASURE RNZAF(Update 30th April 2014)

29. Sergeant Neville John VEECH RAAF

30. Sergeant Dennis WILLIAMS RAFVR

31.Sergeant Eric William GIBSON RAAF

32. Sergeant Robert Edward CHANTLER RAFVR

33. Flight Sergeant Phillip James BOWERING RAAF

34. Flying Officer Reginald John  FREEMAN RAFVR

35. Sergeant Stanley DARBYSHIRE RAFVR