Crew Squadron Leader Frederick  John   AUSTIN
Service Number(s) 40168 RAFO
Awards DFC
Squadron (s) No.623
Awarded 15-10-1943
Citation No


Pilot Officer
Flying Officer March 16th 1940
Flight Lieutenant March 7th 1941
Squadron Leader June 1st 1942    (Temporary)

Known Movements

No.1657 Con.Unit
No.149 Squadron w.e.f 24.03.1943 via No.1657 Con Unit.   (Flight Commander ‘C’ Flight)
No.620 Squadron w.e.f 17.06.1943 via No.149   Squadron  ( Temporary commanding   officer)
No.218 Squadron w.e.f 02.07.1943 Via No.620 Squadron (   Flight Commander)
No.623 Squadron w.e.f 10.08.1943 ( Temporary   commanding officer)
No.84 O.T.U Desborough 13.09.1943 (with crew)
No.12 O.T.U 25.09.1943

 Operations Flown  with No.149 (East India) Squadron

04.04.1943 Kiel BF503 OJ-U Bombed on TI Markers
06.04.1943 Mining BF503 OJ-U Mines laid as ordered, parachutes   seen.
10.04.1943 Frankfurt BF503 OJ-U Believed to be Frankfurt, 10/10th   cloud
26.04.1943 Duisburg BF503 OJ-U Visibility clear no clouds, bombed   concentration of Green TI
04.05.1943 Dortmund BF503 OJ-U Visibility clear, Green TI Markers in   bomb sight
12.05.1943 Duisburg BF503 OJ-U Clear apart from industrial haze.   Green Markers seen.
13.05.1943 Bochum BF503 OJ-U Hazy but no cloud. Green TI Markers in   bomb sight.
23.05.1943 Dortmund BF503 OJ-U Bombed on concentration of Green TI   Markers
25.05.1943 Dusseldorf BF503 OJ-U 9/10th cloud, DR Run from   Yellow TI Markers
11.06.1943 Dusseldorf BF503 OJ-U Thin cloud, bombed on Red TI Markers

Operations Flown  with No.620  Squadron

19.06.1943 Le Creusot BF503 QS-U Target attacked
21.06.1943 Krefeld BF503 QS-U Target attacked
24.06.1943 Wuppertal BF503 QS-U Target Attacked, W/Cdr D H Lee 2nd pilot

Operations Flown  with No.218 (Gold Coast)  Squadron

30.06.1943 Remscheid EE909 HA-H Bombed from 17,400ft in centre of TI’s.

 Operations Flown  with No.623  Squadron

10.08.1943 Nuremburg EH925 IC-C Attacked target from 16000ft   completely covered by cloud
16.08.1943 Turin EH925 IC-C Slight light and heavy flak, weather   hazy over target.
27.08.1943 Nuremburg EF489 IC-J Returned early, S/O engine failure. 2nd   Pilot Sgt T Fogaty
30.08.1943 Gladbach EF489 IC-J No cloud bombed on Red TI Markers,   good concentration.



He was a pre war pilot, squadron unknown. Promoted from P/O to F/O on March 16th 1940 and again promoted to F/Lt March 7th 1941. He survived the war and was granted a permanent commission as squadron leader in 1948.