BK727 HA S Electritians C Flight 1943 Ken Spragg 11th from left

Austin Motors Built Short Stirling Mk.III BK727 IC-S. This arrived on the squadron on August 13th 1943 and completed six operations on the squadron before ending her days at No.6 Maintenance Unit in November 1944.

The following is a list of the aircraft recorded on squadron strength of No.623 Squadron between August and December 1943.

Over the coming weeks I will be adding copies of the AM Form 78 Movement Cards for each of the Short Stirling’s operated or recorded as being operated by No.623 Squadron.

1. Short Stirling BF568 

2. Short Stirling BK727

3. Short Stirling BK803

4. Short Stirling EE876

5. Short Stirling EE899

6. Short Stirling EE909

7. Short Stirling EE949

8. Short Stirling EE966

9. Short Stirling EF139

10. Short Stirling EF155

11. Short Stirling EF156

12. Short Stirling EF157

13. Short Stirling EF158

14. Short Stirling EF194

15. Short Stirling EF199

16. Short Stirling EF204

17. Short Stirling EF252

18. Short Stirling EF489

19. Short Stirling EF493

20. Short Stirling EF499

21. Short Stirling EH878

22. Short Stirling EH925

23. Short Stirling EH957

24. Short Stirling EH979

25. Short Stirling EH994

26. Short Stirling EJ121

27. Short Stirling EJ123

28. Short Stirling LJ443

29. Short Stirling LJ450

30. Short Stirling LJ454

31. Short Stirling LJ509

32. Short Stirling LK387

33. Short Stirling EJ124